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The Sports, They Are A’Changin

As with all teams in professional sports, the off season becomes the time to reflect on the previous year’s work, practice hard, gain new talent, and chuck the dead weight to the curb like the trash they are!

Pictured: The reason we lost!

Pictured: The reason we lost last year!

Yes, after spring training comes the summer dump. Free agents, general managers, player demands, and fan responses dictate the Wheel of Fortune for a player (or it goes they way of Tim Tebow getting signed to the Patriots and everyone in the United States facepalms so hard the population is concussed because why can’t he go away already?)


Mr. Hockey

Mr. Hockey

After the 2010 Stanley Cup victory, the Blackhawks did what anyone would do with a winning team and got rid of 80% of the roster. It seemed that once the city cleared out after the downtown parade, players such as Antti Niemi, Dustin Byfuglien, and Tomas Kopecky were barely out of their jerseys before getting shipped to other teams. As the summer approaches, we wait with baited breath to see if the team we’ve grown to love so much will be split and scattered just as it was in 2010. Bryan Bickell will be a free agent this summer and the General Manager of the Blackhawks, Stan Bowman, obviously wants to resign the breakout star of this playoff season. Bickell has said, “I think [Chicago] is a second home to me…I feel this is a home to me.” Bickell made $600,000 this season and clearly deserves a raise; this is all possible as the Blackhawks are not only two million dollars from their pay cap and they are getting rid of Montador and Olesz. Marian Hossa, feared to be leaving the Blackhawks, will be staying as his departure would hurt the pay cap and as he was a major asset in and on the road to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Let's play some Hawkey!

Let’s play some Hawkey!


Dude, I don't know where I'm going!

Dude, I don’t know where I’m going!

The newest rumor swirling around is that the Chicago Bulls are in talks about a contract extension with Luol Deng, a valuable player to the Chicago Bulls leading up to the playoffs until a viral infection confined him to a hospital bed during the playoffs. The cyclone of rumors circling around Deng had reports of his leaving the Bulls for the Wizards or the Cavaliers. The Bulls may also want to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge in the NBA Draft, which would mean having to give up Deng. Luol Deng’s future with the Bulls is uncertain as is that of Nate Robinson, the heart of the playoff team.  The roster is already expensive as Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, and Derrick Rose remain the crown jewels of the current Bulls dynasty. On a related subject, reports are also coming in that Derrick Rose will absolutely, totally, most definitely, without a doubt, duh, no doubt play this fall.


Marvin K. Marmol, Will You Please Go Now?!

Marvin K. Marmol, Will You Please Go Now?!

There is some good news about all of the swapping and gaining of players in this season of change: The Cubs are finally getting rid of Carlos Marmol! Yes, the pitcher who loves to blow a lead and let the opposing team win in the ninth inning is packing his bags and headed to a new pitcher’s mound in a new town! Cubs General Manager, Jed Hoyer, said, “We realized in August of last year that we wouldn’t be able to trade him or acquire any value for him.” Marmol’s manager, Paul Kinzer, said, “[Marmol] loves Chicago, but I think in his mind he knows he has to get a fresh start.” We will go on record saying, “Hey, Chicago! Whaddya say? Marmol’s finally going away!” As it is clear that the Cubs will not be going to the playoffs, which is a major shock to all of us, perhaps now is the time to unload Marmol and start bringing up the eager players from the minor leagues to see what will work next season.





Finally, after a year away, former Boston Celtic and current hybrid of a human foot and a peanut, basketball superstar Larry “Hick From French Lick” Bird will be returning to manage the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps he can use all of his 1992 Dream Team magic to help the Pacers defeat Lebron and the Heat next season.

Pictured: Larry Bird's 1992 Dream Team Team Magic

Pictured: Larry Bird’s 1992 Dream Team Team Magic


As sports is a forever-changing world, it’s good to show your long-time loyalty with some great threads. Luckily for you, Clark Street Sports has all of the sports merchandise you need, from Oduya shirts to Shaw jerseys, for a weekend of Stanley Cup parties and parades and everyday wear.

Sports are always changing, but never forget: Sports is good!



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Party Alert: HIGH

Okay, Blackhawks fans, the party alert system is in the red! Tonight may bring a crushing defeat that leaves us drinking on our couches, cussing at our bartenders, and perhaps catching a tear or two in our beers. However, tonight may also bring the wave of victory upon Chicago, Illinois that will sweep up its residents and the streets of the Windy City will flood with Blackhawks fans and champagne foam and the only sound to be heard will be the chorus of The Fratelli’s “Chelsea Dagger.”

Make this happen! We are ready to party!

Make this happen! We are ready to party!


Game Five showed the Blackhawks have what it takes to take down Tuukka Rask’s defensive wall while keeping Boston’s offense on the edge. The game ended with Corey Crawford blocking twenty-nine shots and Patrick Kane one goal away from a hat trick. Dave Bolland’s empty-netter in the third period felt just as great as the Red Wings empty netter hurt in Game Four. It was also exactly what Bolland needed after the shut-out game left him personally defeated. Crawford’s ability to rapidly fix the weak spot in his defense (read: his Buckner glove) was crucial to their success.


How ya like me now?

How ya like me now?

Tonight’s game does bring about an interesting challenge for both teams. The Blackhawks may be forced to play without Captain Serious, Jonathan Toews, and the Bruins may be forced to play without their star Patrice Bergeron. Both were injured in Game Five, but Coach Q says Toews is good to play in tonight’s game. This is a dicey move since his returning too soon from suffering from a concussion last year prevented him from being the player he was previous to the injury. The game could come down to playing at-risk players and forcing the team to learn to play with that handicap or play without a teammate they have relied on all season. Whatever happens, tonight is going to be interesting and exciting.

Please, please, please, please let tonight look like this. Please, please, please.

Please, please, please, please let tonight look like this. Please, please, please.


Of course, tonight’s victory is not guaranteed. No one wants to jinx it by saying tonight is in the bag. Tonight will be the night that all die-hard sports fans, in Chicago and in Boston, will be on the edge of their seats performing all of their game time superstitions to convince the cosmos to find in favor of their beloved team. The ratty lucky jerseys, the specific game time beer, and the best hockey-watching establishments will all be pulled out tonight because we’re in the final stretch. This is it. Tonight could be the end of a hockey season that was both short and exhilarating. From the Blackhawks record-shattering regular season to the playoffs that have been a roller coaster ride of emotions that has left every Blackhawks fan with an irregular heartbeat, eye twitch, and an irregular sleeping pattern. Chill that champagne, but don’t be too eager to uncork it. The Blackhawks are at the top of their game, let’s hope that they remain that way and skate away from Boston with the Stanley Cup because Chicago is ready to party with that fun trophy.

Pictured: FUN TROPHY

Pictured: FUN TROPHY


In other sports news, it is rumored that Luol “Deng Bang” Deng will be traded to the Cavaliers. Still no word on where Nate Robinson will end up, so keep your fingers crossed that next year’s Bulls roster has Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson running the show.

Way up top, buddy.

Way up top, buddy.


If the Blackhawks lose tonight, we’ve got another game ahead of us to get the Cup. If they win tonight, we’ve got a lot of parades to attend and a lot of booze to drink. How fly are your Blackhawks threads? Keep your lucky jersey, but be sure to update your Stanley Cup attire with us. Whether you visit one of our stores or check out our selection at, we have all of the Kane jerseys, Shaw shirts, Bickell swag, and Oduya gear to keep you looking Sharp!

We'll keep you lookin' SHARP!

Pictured: FUN TROPHY


And above all else, remember this: There is only one team with a bear for a mascot that is worth rooting for, and that team is in Chicago!

And those Bears will be back in August and ready to take down the Patriots.

And those Bears will be back in August and ready to take down the Patriots.




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Ay Yo, Bartender! Got Any More Sports In This Club?

What an amazing time to be a sports fan, right? With Game Six of the Spurs and Heat being followed by Game Four of the Blackhawks and Bruins being followed by GAME SEVEN of the Spurs and Heat, we’ll all just be glued to our televisions and will have learned to be more efficient human beings with less and less sleep. We will replace food with yelling. We will become imperfect perfect beings and when the Spurs and the Blackhawks win their respective trophies, we will burst into balls of pure white light and reach a higher plane of being.

I'll sleep when I'm dead! Turn on the Blackhawks game!

I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Turn on the Blackhawks game!

Game Six of the Spurs and Heat playoff was a nail-biting, headache-inducing circus that left most people without the use of their vocal chords this morning. With the game favoring the Spurs and only twenty seconds left, officials were pulling out the yellow tape to section off the path on which the NBA Championship trophy would be paraded out and presented to the San Antonio Spurs. The vendors had begun to pull out the San Antonio Spurs NBA Champions shirts that they had hoped and prayed they hadn’t wasted their money on. The end seemed near as flocks of Miami Heat fans got up from their seats to flood out of the AmericanAirlines Arena because traffic was going to be rough after the game and because watching your golden team lose is not fun and it’s easier to walk away than to pay up for all of the bad-mouthing you’ve done all season.

Sports Is Sad

Sports Is Sad

In the last five seconds of the game, Ray Allen tied up the game and the Heat and the Spurs went into overtime. This angered the Heat fans who had left as they had “paid good money” for the seats they had left (please check out for a full live tweet of the hilarity of Miami fans leaving the game). In the end, the Heat won and forced Game Seven. Lebron had thirty-two points, ten rebounds, and eleven assists. Tim Duncan was close behind with thirty points, his most in an NBA finals game since Game One in 2003, and seventeen rebounds. Lebron had his eleventh post season triple-double, his second of this series. Somehow, he managed to win the game despite the fact that he lost his magical headband in the fourth quarter.

Upon hearing that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh's headbands were going to go play in Los Angeles, Lebron's headband quickly left Miami.

Upon hearing that Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh’s headbands were going to go play in Los Angeles, Lebron’s headband quickly left Miami.

Game Seven begins tomorrow and we shall see if Lebron was correct when he said, “A Lebron James team is never desperate” in 2008. The Spurs have the fight in them, and they almost won it all last night. Thursday night should be intense to say the very least.

Are you there, God? It's me, Corey.

Are you there, God? It’s me, Corey.

Sandwiched in between the two nights of NBA playoff insanity is Stanley Cup insanity! With the games 2-1 favoring the Bruins, the Blackhawks must up their face off wins and really take advantage of the power plays when they come their way. Hossa is expected to return to the ice tonight, so that will be a major help to the mighty Blackhawks as they face the Boston Bruins in Game Four. We also need that playoff moment that has happened in every other series. Patrick Sharps non-stop scoring against the Wild was an impressive inspiration from a player that had struggled so much in the regular season. The Detroit series found Seabrook as the shining hero in Game Seven as his overtime goal won the game and pushed the Blackhawks into the next round. Patrick Kane’s hat trick in the final game against the Los Angeles Kings birthed a throat-slashing collective cheer from Blackhawk fans across the country as the Hawks advanced to fight the Bruins for the Stanley Cup.

You are still not tired of this picture.

You are still not tired of this picture.

The Blackhawks, the fans, and the Bruins know what the Blackhawks need to do in order to win this game and this series. The Bruins will try to stop them, the fans will cheer them until they cannot speak, and the only thing the Blackhawks have to do is do it. This is how we get our great hockey moments. When all seemed bleak against Detroit, the Blackhawks dusted off and did what they needed to to. In doing this, we got shining hockey moments from formerly rowdy, penalty box banished players like Bryan Bickell and Andrew Shaw, two players that are now essential to the Blackhawks line-up beyond fights. This blog has dedicated a lot of time and syntax have been dedicated to praising the Blackhawks. We know what they are capable of; now we need them to do it. Why? Because it’s the Cup.

And if that doesn't work, have Shaw and Marchand fight it out in the last twenty seconds again.

And if that doesn’t work, have Shaw and Marchand fight it out in the last twenty seconds again.


We love sports, and we know you do to. Be sure to stop by one of our stores or browse our selection online at to order your gear. Commit to the Indian and remember: Sports is good!


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Sports Is Hurt Sometimes

What. A. Weekend.

On Friday we all were amped up for some sports! We had the Blackhawks facing the Bruins at the United Center, the Cubs taking on the Mets in New York, the White Sox against the Astros in Houston, and another adrenaline-rush game between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.




Then, everything pretty much went south.




This weekend can certainly be broken into three categories: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good

Shoot the ball through my hand, Your Majesty! Do it!

Shoot the ball through my hand, Your Majesty! Do it!

Well, Bulls fans (and most all of basketball fans in general), it looks as though King James is going to be denied his precious ring. The Gollum of the National Basketball Association and his friends are finding themselves in an uphill battle against the fast and furious San Antonio Spurs. Tony Parker, Danny Green, and Manu Ginobili’s season-high 24 point game are keeping the Heat from catching fire on the court, and everyone is loving it! The Miami Heat needs to win two consecutive games in order to cinch the championship, and that is something they haven’t won back-to-back games since Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. Will LeBron and his boys recover? Let’s admit it: We’re hoping the answer is no.

The Bad




Well, ouch. The city of Chicago got an mighty kick to the gut on Saturday night as the Blackhawks fell to the Bruins at the United Center. Game Two seemed to be going well for the Blackhawks when The Perfect 10, Patrick Sharp, scored in the first period.


Just handsome that puck past Rask, Sharpie!

Just handsome that puck past Rask, Sharpie!


Boston tied up the score in the second, and the Blackhawks did both a great job of fending off the Bruins in the third and giving their all to take the lead. The final period saw the Blackhawks secret weapon, Andrew Shaw, attempting to do what he does best and finish up the game. However, as good as the Blackhawks were, the Bruins were on top of their game as well. Overtime found the Bruins getting that needed goal past Corey Crawford and winning Game Two, tying up the series as hockey moves to Boston for Games Three and Four. Though these teams are evenly-matched, it is clear that the Blackhawks need to focus on taking advantage of the power play. It’s been a short season, but hopefully in these final games the Blackhawks will finally grasp the concept of having a numbers advantage on the ice. We may also see the return of Viktor Stalberg in Game Three as Coach Quenneville has hinted he could lace up for the game tonight after his presence in the morning skate. With these two Original Six greats getting ready for Game Three, only one thing is certain: We are in for some intense hockey!


The Ugly

Then, of course, to put the final touches on this insane sports cake, we have the Chicago Cubs, who blew a 3-0 lead over the Mets in the ninth inning. Naturally, they got the lead because the Mets playing as if they were on Ambien, but in the ninth inning the Cubs remembered they were the Cubs. Upon seeing the lead against the Mets, Carlos Marmol got to the mound and Marmoled in a walk and then pitched a three-run homer to Kirk Nieuwenhuis and allowed the Mets to win 4-3.

"Don't worry, guys! I'll take care of that lead!"

“Don’t worry, guys! I’ll take care of that lead!”


Maybe this time, the Cubs managers will hear the cries of Chicago and get rid of Marmol.

So, tonight brings us Game Three of the Blackhawks and the Bruins. Hopefully, this will not be the typical “Ugly Game” that has been the third game of every series from the Minnesota Wild to the Los Angeles Kings. The Stanley Cup needs to live here in Chicago. It’s visited us, it has seen our deep dish pizza, it has tattooed Chicago’s skyline in its heart. The series might be tied, but if there is one thing that should never be dismissed it is the perseverance and drive of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Then I Shaw Her Standing There

Then I Shaw Her Standing There


We’ve got a long series ahead of us as the Blackhawks find themselves fighting the Boston Strong Bruins. Show your love for the Blackhawks with the jersey of your favorite player available at one of our stores or online at From Andrew Shaw to Patrick Sharp, we’ve got your favorite Blackhawk’s jersey ready for you to wear to your next viewing of the Stanley Cup Finals.


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Sports Is Good!

Well, everyone, we’ve got a big weekend of sports coming at us, sports fans! Get that six pack! Find that recliner! Throw on your lucky jersey! It’s time to hunker down, grab some chicken wings, and pray for victory!

Unleash your untamed super fan TONIGHT!

Unleash your untamed super fan TONIGHT!

The Cubs and the White Sox bring some good, old fashioned summer baseball fun tonight. The Cubs play in New York and the White Sox are in Texas. Whether you’re a North Sider or a South Sider, you can agree that the boys of summer have returned and enjoy your beer and buddies with some baseball.

LeBron's still around, too.

LeBron’s still around, too.

This weekend also brings the fifth game between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. With the series tied at 2-2, the fifth game promises to be another gut-wrenching trip into the depths of playoff insanity. If Tony Parker’s hamstring can heal up and hold up through game five, perhaps he can prevent Mario “Super Nintendo” Chalmers from tearing apart the court in the second half. If you have ever cheered for the Bulls in your life, now is the time to cheer for the Spurs.

Let's see this again, fellas!

Let’s see this again, fellas!

Of course, the most important sporting event of the weekend, is the second game of the Stanley Cup Finals. It is crucial that the Blackhawks win Game Two before headed to Boston for the ugly Game Three. Hopefully this game won’t go into an extra game of hockey, but if it does all of Chicago will be freaking out until the final period ends.

No matter what sport you’re throwing your heart and your vocal chords into this weekend, we have got the attire you need to unleash the super fan within! Visit one of our stores for a Crawford shirt or get your Shaw shirt online at


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One Down, Three to Go

Well, if any of us have our fingernails left, it’s a damn miracle. If Game One is any barometer of where this series is headed, we are all doomed and will not have jobs at the end of the month due to exhaustion, alcohol consumption, hockey-related panic attacks, minor aneurysms, and temporary blindness.

Because it's the Cup

Because it’s the Cup


The ups and downs of game one were enough to give the entire city of Chicago a behavioral disorder with the numerous emotional gear shifts in the one hundred and twelve minutes of hockey mania. Though Lucic scored twice in the first twenty-two minutes of the game, the rally that brought the focus and the faith back to fans was the first playoff goal for Brandon Saad. His career goal achieved, Saad restored the hope of the team and lifted the spirits of the Madhouse on Madison.

When Saad scores his first playoff goal, a flock of angels get their wings and fly into space to fight cool stuff with awesome lasers.

When Saad scores his first playoff goal, a flock of angels get their wings and fly into space to fight cool stuff with awesome lasers.


With the score at 3-1 in the third, it seemed that maybe the first game was going to the Bruins. With hearts of Blackhawks fans sinking around the Midwest, Dave Bolland and Johnny Oduya tied up the score which allowed for all of the overtime in the world to clutch Bruins and Blackhawks fans by the throats and keep us on the edge of our seats for another hour.

This game is over when The Rat says it's over!

This game is over when The Rat says it’s over!


After tying it up, the game went into triple overtime, making it the fifth longest playoff game in NHL history. Naturally, this is a great indication of where the series is going. By game five, we’ll probably enter a four day hockey binge where the teams either have to score or die in order to win. After two overtime periods that gave every Blackhawks and Bruins fan an irregular heartbeat, Rozsival, Bolland, and Shaw came together to form a goal-scoring trifecta that won the Blackhawks the game!

"Come on, Shawzer, we're gonna take you out for ice cream for that goal!"

“Come on, Shawzer, we’re gonna take you out for ice cream for that goal!”


Then, as if the night could not get any better, the “Shawed Off Shotgun” dropped the f-bomb during the post-game interview. The media went crazy about this slip of the tongue because apparently everyone ever forgot that Shaw was the guy threatening to “f—ing kill” players from the Minnesota Wild in the first series.

Because, clearly, this guy cares about what can and cannot be said on television.

Because, clearly, this guy cares about what can and cannot be said on television.


So, what can be taken away from this first game of the final series? Clearly, we are in for an intense final round. The Blackhawks and Bruins are an evenly-matched talent that not only bring a legendary “Original Six” presence to the Stanley Cup finals, but they also bring a substantial amount of talent and determination to the ice. If the Blackhawks are going to continue winning, their focus must be laser sharp. Chara, Rask, Lucic, and the rest of the black and gold Boston boys will not go quietly.

Saad JerseyShaw Black


We’re one game closer to getting the Stanley Cup. Hurry and get yourself your favorite player’s tee and fly your proud feathers for the mighty Blackhawks. Visit one of our stores, trailers, or our website ( and get your sweet Blackhawks gear today!


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It’s Like Hockey Christmas!

The hockey lockout made it seem as if hockey were a hopeless dream. Even those of us that truly believed that hockey would return and save us all from the winter doldrums were eventually grasping at straws and holding onto nothing but faith and hope. Like the children of Springfield hoping to be liberated from Kamp Krusty, we held onto any flicker of light in the distance that held any promise of a hockey season.

"See? I told you hockey would come! Ha-ha! It's gonna bring us food, and water, and smite our enemies!"

“See? I told you hockey would come! Ha-ha! It’s gonna bring us food, and water, and smite our enemies!”

Then hockey returned! We didn’t even have to riot or break storefront windows or burn things in effigy! It returned, and we rejoiced! The season was short, but we didn’t care! We really didn’t care when the Blackhawks started mopping the floor with the competition. The Blackhawks weren’t merely a hometown favorite doing well, they were an international phenomenon making hockey history. Then, as if the return of hockey weren’t enough, we were in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Now we’re in the Stanley Cup finals. It’s as if some Sports Santa Claus brought us all of the presents we could have ever wanted and stuffing them under our lockout hockey Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Like some sort of hockey-themed Christmastime…

…simply magical, right?


"My, this looks like a lovely place to live," said the Stanley Cup.

“My, this looks like a lovely place to live,” said the Stanley Cup.

So, what have we got? We’ve got one helluva match up for this final series. This is the first time the NHL has seen an Original Six Stanley Cup Finals in thirty years. This promises to be a powerhouse game of two legendary teams fighting for the most coveted trophy in sports. This promises to be a great series of games because these are two teams who are really gunning for it; the Blackhawks have a great challenge in front of them. The first of which is Bruins goalie, Tuukka Rask, who was a major reason the Penguins were embarrassed in the previous series. Zdeno Chara is 6′ 9″ of terror on ice, towering over the entire Blackhawks roster and leaving nothing but damage in his wake. The Bruins may not have had the stunning season that the Blackhawks have had, but they’ve got the same drive, passion, and skill the Blackhawks possess and that is not to be taken lightly. However, the Blackhawks are going to be a powerhouse, especially starting the series at the United Center. Kane’s hat trick in the previous series, Hossa’s drive, Bickell’s unyielding determination and undeniable results, and Saad’s thirst for a playoff goal are among the party mix of reasons why the Blackhawks will not allow the Stanley Cup to slip away from Chicago. This is going to be an interesting and wild series, hockey fans, and we’re all dying to see the Stanley Cup return to Chicago.

Bring it on, Boston!

Bring it on, Boston!

Remember, when it comes to hockey fashion, Clark Street Sports is your best stop for Blackhawks merchandise. Whether you visit one of our stores or visit us at, we will get you what you need so you can properly celebrate the Blackhawks’ victory.


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