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Where Do We Go From Here?




Right now, life is all parties, parades, and passing out. Chicago has the parade coming up on Friday which is already drawing a large out-of-town crowd. This week promises to be a sea of red shirts and jerseys passing through the streets making Chicago’s infrastructure look like arteries crammed with red blood cells. However, after the remnants of the parade have been swept away and July brings patriotic parties and barbecues, we must make sure we are not still clinging desperately to the Blackhawks win. Next week many of us will find ourselves in a food-stained Shaw jersey, surrounded by empty beer cans, watching Dave Bolland’s game-winning goal on repeat on YouTube, and looking to see if anyone else still has any energy to party for the Blackhawks.

Where do we go from here? In a week or so, your boss will not accept that faded Toews shirt as acceptable work clothing and your fatigue as the norm (this window of time is even shorter for those of you living outside of Chicago). At some point in the near future, after the parades and parties, we have to figure out how to get back into normal life. We’ve spent two months in playoff hockey rooting against the Wild, chanting “Detroit Sucks!”, dethroning the Kings, and taking down the Bruins that our brains are programmed for drinking and adrenaline at seven o’clock at night. Without Shaw beating up the opposing team, how are we supposed to figure out how to exist? Is there life beyond playoff hockey?

1. Hey, Did You Know Baseball Is Happening?

No Jumbotron!

No Jumbotron!


Hey, did you guys know that baseball is still a sport? Did you know that it’s been happening since, like, April? Now, we know that suggesting switching over to baseball from playoff hockey is like telling you that drinking sips of Sprite will get you just as drunk as slamming shots of tequila.

"No, Sprite's gonna get you tore up. Look at how faced this lamb is!"

“No, Sprite’s gonna get you tore up! Look at how faced this lamb is!”


So, more has been happening at Wrigleyville than an argument about a ridiculous jumbotron. It turns out that this team known as the Chicago Cubs has been playing a game known as baseball there for, like, three months. Their 31-43 season is hardly surprising because these numbers reflect the Cubs playing baseball. As usual, the Cubbies have some outstanding winners and some abysmal-looking losers. Nate Schierholtz is killing it this year with a line of .296/.347/.558 and has ten homeruns under his belt with 29 RBI. However, Carlos Marmol is killing the Cubs by allowing 26 hits, reeling in 21 walks, and letting six home runs get pitched right out of the park. Statistics like this reflect why he’s the perfect closing pitcher; he’s the best bet the Cubs have for screwing up a lead and losing it all in the ninth which is pretty much their baseball superpower.

Replace flying and super strength with errors and losing in the final moments and this is what the Cubs look like.

Replace flying and super strength with errors and losing in the final moments and this is what the Cubs look like.


The Cubs are expected to trade major assets Nate Schierholtz, Matt Garza, Scott Feldman, and Kevin Gregg. This is perfect because the Cubs’ offense is terrible, so trading their best offensive players seems like a really good idea.

Surprisingly, down at Comiskey (or, if you’re new, US Cellular Field), things are fairing a little better but not by much. Their 29-41 season is a smidge more successful than the Cubs, thus far. After being swept by the Cubs in the Crosstown Classic, the White Sox haven’t fared better than their North Side rivals and will not be getting to the playoffs this year. At 10.5 games behind the Tigers and looking a losing hot player, Jesse Crain, the White Sox need to focus on playing with new ways to spice up their game for next season or admit that they’ve just stopped believin’.

Hmmm…perhaps baseball isn’t the best thing to follow a successful hockey season with. Whereas it is a good excuse to drink, it may just be a good way to pass the time until August.

2. Bears Football Is Only 74 Days Away!

But who's counting?

But who’s counting?

On August 9th, the Chicago Bears pre-season games begin in Florida against the Panthers!

This season promises to be interesting as a lot has been shuffled. First, Lovie Smith has been replaced by new head coach, Marc Trestman. He has yet to have to prove himself, but he has had a successful track record of focusing quarterbacks. Quarterbacks need to be focused, and they need someone they can connect with who can run the ball. New to the roster this season is former New York Giant, Martellus Bennett. This tight-end had fifty-five receptions and five touchdowns with the Giants next year; hopefully, he will take pressure off of Brandon Marshall. This will also be the Bears’ first season without Brian Urlacher leading the defensive line. We have seventy-four days until we see how this new line-up performs on the field; once that starts up, it’s only a short time until hockey begins again.

3. Just Wait for More Hockey

We just need a short break!

We just need a short break!


With no lock-out looming like storm clouds in the distance, we won’t have to wait as long for hockey season! Give the boys a break, they’ve had a long short season of kicking ass and taking names.

4. Look Good For Lord Stanley’s Cup

Peep This Champ Shiz!

Peep This Champ Shiz!


Okay, you don’t have to stop the party for the Blackhawks. The Stanley Cup is exciting, and there will probably be a lot of babies born in Chicago nine months from now. However, though your ratty Kane shirt has brought the Blackhawks a lot of luck, it’s time to freshen up your look with some new Blackhawks threads because the Stanley Cup is in Chicago and it demands some fine threads and accessories. Luckily Clark Street Sports has a lot of Stanley Cup Championship gear to choose from, so you can add to your already extensive Blackhawks-themed wardrobe. Whether you’re going to the parade or just keeping the summer going strong with endless Stanley Cup parties, you’re going to need to show your love for the hard work the Blackhawks did this season. So visit for all of your sports attire.

We’re going to get through this time without hockey together because there are so many other teams to scream yourself hoarse over because sports is good!


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