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Air Soriano

Air Soriano

Despite the alarming lack of enthusiasm coming from the world of baseball, there sure is a lot of news coming out of the North Side. First, and most pressing, is that the City Council will decide on the final approval for the renovations scheduled for Wrigley Field. If this passes, and it looks like it will, a planned five year reconstruction of Wrigley will begin this fall. Only the two outfield signs, the jumbotron scoreboard in left field and the see-through sign in right field, are approved so as not to obstruct the view from the rooftops as there is another decade left on the rooftop contract. Rahm Emanuel’s proposed pedestrian footbridge over Clark Street has been “deferred indefinitely” and any other renovations will be discussed within the Wrigleyville community between residents, the Cubs owners, and the rooftop businesses, Emanuel hopes. This is indeed a sad day for those pushing to keep the historic landmark preserved.

On the heels of Matt Garza’s trade comes word that Alfonso Soriano will also be traded. Soriano is currently in discussion with Theo Epstein about his trade destinations and waiving his no-trade rights. Soriano has name-dropped the New York Yankees as his desired destination, but Epstein says there is nothing solid coming from New York as of yet. Soriano said, “[The Yankees] always make the playoffs no matter what team they have, no matter what pitching they got. They find a way.” Clearly Soriano wants to be on a team that will showcase him and Epstein is itching to restructure the entire team, disregarding fan favoritism of players and the class of players that were brought on in the 2006-2007 spending spree.

Junior Lake is killing it, y'all

Junior Lake is killing it, y’all

Junior Lake represents the new class of Cubs being molded to focus on becoming a team worthy of playing in an expensive renovated ballpark that is irritating half of the city of Chicago. He went 3-for-5 with a homerun against the Diamondbacks. Tuesday night’s game against the Diamondbacks found the Cubs reacting with flared tempers and childish outbursts that resulted in a 4-10 loss. Sveum was ejected in the third inning after being vocal about believing that the umpire was baiting a conflict with Cody Ransom after he flung his bat after being struckout. This was Sveum’s fourth ejection this season. Ransom also threw his helmet after lining out with bases loaded. Anthony Rizzo tossed his bat after a painful strikeout as well. As the Cubs rebuild the stadium, it is clear that they are incredibly busy rebuilding the team and the team dynamic.


Goodbye, Malcolm

The Bulls are hoping that waiving Malcolm Thomas will give their roster the flexibility necessary to acquire Marcus Camby. Though the Rockets are the likely frontrunner in the Camby acquisition, the Bulls are hoping that this 6’11” center will add another rebounding presence on the court with skills comparable to Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.


We are the champions, my friend!

We are the champions, my friend!

This weekend is the great Chicago Blackhawks convention where Blackhawks fans can meet and mingle with Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, and Bryan Bickell. Niklas Hjmarsson is getting married this weekend and Brent Seabrook is at home in Canada awaiting the arrival of his child, so though they will be missed, we wish them both heart-felt congratulations!




Bears training camp begins tomorrow and we are so excited for football season we will be announcing a Bears contest next week on our Facebook page. Head over to, like our page, and keep your eyes peeled for our big contest to kick off football season!

Get styling

Get styling

In the meantime, check out our Blackhawks championship shirts ( and get yourself prepared for the Blackhawks convention. Sports is good, Chicago, so let’s party with the Blackhawks!


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MLB: MLB Players Who Could be Traded During the 2012 Offseason:

With Free Agents Jake Peavy (Chicago White Sox) and David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox) resigning with their respected teams, the MLB Free Agency pool seems quite limited but there’s still a few significant players to watch this offseason as the Free Agency period gets underway. Below are a list of the top free-agents and which team I feel they will sign with during the offseason:

1. Zach Greinke: (Los Angeles Angles): With Zack Greinke being the only elite level pitcher on the Free Agent Market, there’s no question that he will be the most sought after free agent this winter. The 2009 Cy-Young Award winner will have numerous teams interested in signing him during the offseason and that list will start with Greinke’s 2012 Team: the Los Angeles Angeles. With Bobby Abreu, Dan Haren, Torii Hunter, and Ervin Santana off their payroll, I feel the Angels will have the necessary money they need to resign Zack Greinke to the biggest Pitcher contract this offseason. The other teams that would be interested in signing Zack Greinke this offseason are the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals.

2. Josh Hamilton: (Washington Nationals): The Nationals already feature a sold core of hitters (Ian Desmond, Bryce Harper, Michael Morse, Jayson Werth, and Ryan Zimmerman) but have been looking for an additional left-handed impact bat to add to their lineup so they can be that much more deeper from both sides of the plate. If the Nationals were able to sign Hamilton, then they could move Morse from the outfield to First Base and feature one of the best offensive and defensive outfields in Hamilton, Harper, and Werth. In addition to the Nationals, I feel the Baltimore Orioles and Hamilton’s current team, the Texas Rangers, would still be interested in bringing him back to Texas.

3. Michael Bourn: (Philadelphia Phillies): The Braves would love to bring back the 2-Time All-Star and Gold-Glove winner however it seems unlikely they would be able to afford his reported asking price. With the Phillies dropping almost 40 million dollars from

last years and in addition to trading 2 of the teams 3 starting outfielder from last years team, I feel Philly will be one of the most active teams during

the offseason. Other teams that will look to sign Michael Bourn are his former team, Atlanta Braves along with the Washington Nationals if there unable to sign Josh Hamilton.

4.  AJ Pierzynski: (Texas Rangers): At 35 (and soon to be 36 years old) the 2-Time All-Star Catcher had his best statistical season of his career winning his first silver slugger award and still looked to be at the top of his game. With that said, as much as Pierzynski has ment to the White Sox organization, it seems like the White Sox have decided to go younger and start last year backup catcher Tyler Flowers. Flowers proved last season that he can do a solid job at calling a game in addition to having a great deal of power from the catcher position. I feel the Rangers will sign Pierzynski who has proven to be a much more durable catcher behind the plate than 2011 Ranger Mike Napoli (Napoli has never caught 760 innings in a season while Pierzynski has caught 1,000 Plus innings 11 times in his career). The other teams that also might look to sign Pierzynski this offseason are the Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and Los Angeles Dodgers.

In addition to the Free Agency Process, there’s 5 other significant players that I feel will be mentioned in a number of trade rumors this offseason.

Alex Rodriguez: (New York Yankees): The Yankees expensive 3rd Baseman had another injury plagued season and showed that he’s still having some durability issues as A-Rod hasn’t played in 140 games in season since the 2007 season and in three of those season he played in under 125 games. Even with all his injuries and problems throughout the MLB Playoffs, I still feel A-Rod will be a Yankee when the 2013 season starts. On the other hand, will the Yankees at-least test the Trade Market… absolutely. So which teams will the Yankees talk with A-Rod about: before the Blockbuster Trade on Tuesday I would have said the Miami Marlins, but now I feel there’s only two teams that would consider trading for the former 3-Time AL MVP Winner: Chicago White Sox (however, with Rick Hahn now the GM, the White Sox might have a new perspective on A-Rod) and drs. In the end, I feel Rodriguez will once again be in Yankee Pinstripes when the 2013 Baseball season begins.

Chase Headley: (San Diego Padres): The Padres have a ton of solid prospects in their organization and with the Giants, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks in their division, I’m not sure there ready to win now so I feel they should look to trade their best asset; Chase Headley. Headley had by far his best season, Hitting .286, to go along with 31 Home Runs and an NL High 115 RBI’s while playing in arguably the toughest hitting ballpark in all of baseball and because of this he’s a finalist for the 2012 NL MVP Award. In addition to having such a great season, Headley is just hitting his prime (28 years old) and has 3 more Arbitration Eligible Seasons left on his contract. Because of his age, contract status, the chances of him replicating this season and the state of this franchise, I feel the Padres should look to trade Chase Headley this offseason. Some of the places that have enough assets to acquire Headley and look to trade for him are the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, and the Oakland Athletics. In the end, I feel the Padres will ask for too much and not trade the 28 year old 3rd Baseman whose also proven he can play First Base and Left Field.

Gavin Floyd: (Milwaukee BrewersWith White Sox 2012 Third Baseman Kevin Youkilis most likely departing from the South Side of Chicago this offseason, its very clear that the Chicago White Sox have a significant void to fill at the hot corner that they’ll look fill via a Trade (the Free-Agent Market is quite thin). With that said, a number of teams are looking for veteran pitchers that haven’t had any significant injuries in the past. Fortunately, Floyd fits the criteria as he’s thrown over 180 innings for of the past 5 seasons showing that he can take the ball at any time. Because of this, I feel the White Sox will either trade Floyd straight up for a 3rd Baseman or trade Floyd for a number of prospects that they can then flip the prospects for a third baseman. I feel the White Sox number one option would be moving Floyd and a few other prospects for either top prospects Anthony Rendon (Washington Nationals) or Mike Olt (Texas Rangers). So why would Texas or Washington be in such a hurry to trade one of their top prospects? Because both teams have a log jam at third base in Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) and Adrian Beltre (Ranges). Zimmerman, (who agreed to a new contract last offseason), and Beltre, (who hit .321 to along with 36 Homers and 102 RBI and has 4 more years left on his contract) might feel they don’t need one of these elite level prospects and instead might look to acquire a quality veteran pitcher. Both teams have the two different options for these two players: either move one of the top prospects in baseball so they can fill other holes on their roster or have them change positions because nethor will be playing 3rd Base in the near future. In the end, do I foresee the White Sox acquiring one of these two young 3rd Base prospects…no and because of this I feel they will trade Floyd to the Milwaukee Brewers for a number of prospects to help improve their farm system. With that in mind, I also feel the Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Texas Rangers will also make a run at Floyd.

Matt Garza: (Chicago Cubs): The Cubs 28 year old right hander had an up and 2012 season that unfortunately ended with him on the DL from July 21st until the completion of the Season. With Garza being in the prime of his career, a proven winner, and having no significant injuries in the past, its a forgone conclusion that a number of teams will look to trade for Garza this offseason. So what teams will look to trade for Garza? I feel the list for Garza will include the Baltimore Orioles, AL Champion Detroit TigersKansas City Royals (who feature a great Bullpen and Offense but need to upgrade their starting rotation), New York Yankees, and Texas Rangers. In the end, I think Garza will start the season with the Cubs so they can show he’s recovered from his triceps injury and then decide wither or not to trade him depending on where the Cubs are in the standings around the July 31st Trade Deadline.

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New York Yankees: So Where Does A-Rod go From Here?

Alex Rodriguez has gone from being considered one of the best players of all time to being benched for a few of the 2012 Playoff Games (Game 4 ALDS and Games 3 and 4 of the ALCS) along with being pinched hit for during the 9th inning of Game 3 of the ALDS when Raul Ibanez hit a Game Tying Pinch Hit Solo Home Run. So with that said, where does this leave us with one of the best hitters of the past 15 years?

The Yankees now have 4 choices to chose from: Keep him, Put Him on Irrevocable Waivers, Trade him, or Outright Cut Him.

This is something the Yankees are going to have to contemplate and look at during the 2012 offseason. Before providing my prediction of what I feel will happen, I want to breakdown and analyze all of the possible situations.
Keep Alex Rodriguez?

From a financial standpoint, this is bar-none the best financial investment the Yankees could do in bring Alex Rodriguez back and leting him play out the longevity of his contract in Yankee Pinstripes. Rodriguez is signed through the 2017 Season for over 21 million per year so it has to reach a breaking point (EX: 2008 Many Ramirez in Boston) for the Yankees to decide on doing one of the other situations. In my mind, I feel the Yankees are almost at that point (if not already there) so I think the’ll examine every situation before making a final decision.

Put Alex Rodriguez on Irrevocable Waivers?

So what are Irrevocable Wavers? Irrevocable Wavers occurs when a team places a players on wavers for a set period of time. If the player is claimed by a team during that time, then the team that claimed the player is forced to pay the entirety of his contract. One significant player that was places in Irrevocable Wavers was Manny Ramirez during the 2003 when the Red Sox gave teams 48 Hours to acquire the former All-Star Left Fielder without having to give up anything in compensation. As it turned out it was the best thing for both Boston and Manny Ramirez that no one claimed Ramirez as the next season the Red Sox went on to win the World Series.
As for Rodriguez, do I feel the Yankees will attempt this?
No question in my mind the Yankees will put Alex Rodriguez on Irrevocable Wavers and see what’s out there? This sound like a great plan but in fact there’s 2 significant problems with this senario.

  1. A-Rod has a no Trade Clause in His Contract: Alex Rodriguez might be upset that he’s been both pinched hit for and benched for during a number of games this postseason, but even with all that said ,I’m still not sure he would accept a trade to another team. In fact, A-Rod has been asked in the past if he’d agree to wave his no-trade clause and each time he’s responded with the same answer…no. With that said, that was before he was being benched by Manager Joe Girardi and booed during each at-bat at of the Playoffs at Yankee Stadium.
  2. Rodriguez Has 119 Million Left on His Contract: No that’s not a misprint, Alex Rodriguez has 5 years and 119 Million Dollars left on his current contract. So with that said, I’m pretty sure no team in baseball (yes not even the crazy spending Dodgers) wouldn’t take on a contract like that and because of that I think its safe to say this senario won’t work.

Trade A-Rod?

If they Yankees are unable to to have anyone look at signing A-Rod outright, what about trading for the 3-time MVP Winner? This is an option, and I feel’s there’s three teams that would be interested in trading for A-Rod (pending of course the Yankees eat a good chunk of his contract).

Los Angeles Dodgers: A-Rod goes to Hollywood…Could it be. Well yes. The Dodgers new Ownership Group has shown their willing to take risks, spend a significant amount of money, and bring in a lot of star power to their franchise. During the season, Los Angeles added a number of big name stars to their roster (Hanley Ramirez, Shane Victorino, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Brandon League, and Joe Blanton) so they’ve proven they could be apart of the mix for Alex Rodriguez. In addition to that, the Dodgers still need a third baseman as last year Hanley Ramirez proved that he’s not interested in playing Third Base so LA could slide Ramirez back to Shortstop where he wants to be and trade Dee Gordon to get a few more assets. If the Dodgers trade Dee Gordon and get a few nice prospects in return, then they could have the Yankees eat more of A-Rod’s contract and New York could at the same time add good depth to their farm system.

Miami Marlins: So let the A-Rod to Miami rumors begin. As we’ve seen in the past, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria loves having his newly named franchise in the news for better or worse. This franchise has made a number of bold moves since they became the Miami marlins which include: signing the most polarizing manager in baseball (who might be fired in a few weeks), signed their first 100 million dollar player (Jose Reyes), signed a 3-Time MLB All-Star Pitcher (Mark Buehrle), Signed a 2-Time winner of the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year winner (Heath Bell…lets just say this year didn’t workout so well for Heath or the Marlins), were apart of a Reality TV Show (which was canceled before the end of the season because of their performance on the field), and finally traded the face of their franchise for the past 6+ years for a minor league pitcher that wasn’t considered a top prospect and all of that occurred in less than a year. What a team…what a franchise, it seems like the perfect spot for Alex Rodriguez. If that wasn’t enough, Rodriguez grew up in the Miami Area and is still very involved downin the Greater Miami Area. If A-Rod was to leave New York for another Location, I feel this might be the best fit for him both on and off the field.

Chicago White Sox: My last team that I feel will also take a look at Alex Rodriguez are the Chicago White Sox. Why…for a number of reasons. For one, White Sox General Manager Ken Williams has always been a big fan of Rodriguez in the past and has shown that he’s not afraid of make a bold move even if other don’t agree with it. The White Sox front office has also brought in a number of older Super Stars in the past and have given them another chance including: Jim ThomeKen Griffey Jr., Manny Ramirez, and Kevin Youkilis to name a few.

Cut A-Rod?

Could it be…could the New York Yankees outright release Alex Rodriguez following the 2012 season? Well…yes. However, with that said, I’m not sure the current situation is bad enough between A-Rod and the Yankees for them to outright release the former 3-Time MVP Winner but its still an option for New York to chose from.

What will happen?

In my opinion, I believe Alex Rodriguez will either stay with the Yankees next year or get traded to the Miami Marlins. Last offseason was all about where Albert and Prince would sign…this offseason will be all about where A-Rod will play next year.

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Merchandise of all 30 MLB Teams

Make sure to order Merchandise of your favorite MLB teams before the All-Star Game so your ready for the Mid-Summer Classic. At Clark Street Sports, we sell Hats, Jackets, Jerseys, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts of each MLB Team. Our customers have the option of personalizing their own t-shirt and jersey or creating merchandise with no name or number on the back. There’s a great variety of merchandise to choose from so make sure you order your MLB products before All-Star Weekend is here.

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American League East Spring Training Preview

I feel this is the best division in all of baseball as it features 3 of the best teams in baseball along with a team on the rise (that still went .500 last year and still finished in 4th place). With the new baseball playoff format, it wouldn’t be surprising to see three teams in the playoffs when October rolls around.

New York Yankees: Last year was an up and down year for the Yankees that started on their wrong foot (highlighted by injuries) and then they recovered to win the division before being ousted in the ALDS by the Detroit Tigers. The entire Yankees season was mirrored by injuries as pitchers Phil Hughes (shoulder inflammation) and Joba Chamberlain (Tommy John surgery) were the first to go down with injuries and eventually All-Stars Derek Jeter (hamstring) and Alex Rodriguez (knee) missed time due to injuries. Once  New York recovered, and were fully healthy in mid-July, the Yankees went on a long run which culminated with the Yankees winning another division title. Once the Yankees lost to the Tigers in the ALDS, the organization realized they need to bolster their starting rotation during the upcoming offseason. As the offseason was about to commence, the Yankees decided to re-due star pitcher CC Sabathia’s contract and gave him a new 7  year deal to anchor their rotation. With the Free-Agent pitching market so limited, the Yankees were quiet on the free agent market this offseason until the middle of January when New York decided to trade top catching prospect (Jesus Montero) for 2011 All-Star pitcher Michael Pineda along with signing pitcher Hiroki Kuroda. In 2012, the Yankees once again will feature one of the best lineups in baseball (Rodriguez, Jeter, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira Brett Gardner, Curtis and Curtis Granderson) to go along with a solid pitching staff (Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, and the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera). With the Yankees healthier along with the additions made to their pitching staff, the 2012 Yankees will once again compete for a division title.

Tampa Bay Rays: What a great season for the Tampa Bay Rays as the Rays started the season off loosing 8 of the first 9 games and then in late September overcame a 9 1/2 game deficit to win the AL Wild Card (on Evan Longoria’s game winning Home Run, capping off one of the greatest days in baseball history). In the 2010 offseason, the Rays decided to make significant changes to their roster, and decided to go in another direction (Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena,Rafael Soriano, Matt Garza, along with other left the team). However, this offseason, the Rays were able to keep the core of their roster together and should once again find themselves as contenders once again in 2012. The Rays young hitting core includes Evan Longoria, Desmond Jennings, Ben Zobrist, and BJ Upton and at the same time they resigned former Rays first baseman Carlos Pena to bring more power to their team. The Rays also feature one of the best young rotations in baseball, anchored by “Big Game” James Shields,  fellow all-star pitcher David Price, alongside Wade Davis, Matt Moore, Jeff Niemann and rookie of the year winner Jeremy Hellickson. With the Rays having 6 solid starting pitchers currently in their rotation, along with former Cubs farm-hand Chris Archer, the Tampa should have a lot of depth in their rotation and leave them the possibility of trading one of their starters to help improve their offense. The Rays will once again be at the top of the AL East and compete for another division title.

Boston Red Sox: The 2010 Red Sox offseason was exciting and eventful acquiring two all-stars (traded for Adrian Gonzalez and signed Carl Crawford) and left Red Sox fans dreaming of another title in Boston. With all the hoopla surrounding the Red Sox, Boston got off to a rough start as they started the season by loosing 7 of their first 8 games and had questions surrounding this team. However, the Red Sox recovered and at the start of September held a 9 1/2 game lead in the wild card standings over the Tampa Bay Rays. For the month of September, the Red Sox went 7-20 and on the last day of the season were passed by the Rays as Tampa advanced to the postseason. After the season, rumors of beer and fried chicken being ate during the game started surrounding the team which led to many changes occurring in the offseason. The 2011 offseason started by having manager Terry Francona leaving the organization and a few weeks later general manager Theo Epstein also left the Red Sox and became the Cubs president. The Red Sox started rebuilding their front office by naming Assistant General Manager Ben Cherington General Manager of the Red Sox. Cherington and the Red Sox then concentrated on finding a manager and decided to name former Rangers and Mets manager Bobby Valentine as manager of their team. With all of the changes the Red Sox went through this offseason, they still feature one of the best lineups in baseball which consists of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis. The problem for the Red Sox is within the rotation as they feature a lot of question-marks which include: will Josh Beckett stay healthy, will Clay Buchholz come back fully recovered from his injury, and will someone step up and help solidify the last two spots in their rotation? If these questions are answered, and Jon Lester continues his assent as becoming a true ace, the Red Sox should be in for a nice season and will be stride for stride with the Yankees and Rays once September rolls around.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Jays continued to show their a team on the rise and in the near future will be a team that competes for a division title. When the 2011 offseason rolled around, Toronto realized they needed to upgrade their pitching depth so they acquired former White Sox closer Sergio Santos to help solidify the back-end of their bullpen and tried to sign pitcher Yu Darvish to a offer-sheet but were outbid by the Texas Rangers. As for the 2012 Blue Jays, they feature a dangerous lineup which is led by MVP Candidate Jose Bautista along with Adam Lind, Colby Rasmus, J.P. Arenciba, and Brett Lawrie. The Jays also feature a young pitching staff highlighted by pitchers Ricky Romero, Brandon Morrow, Henderson Alvarez, and Kyle Drabek but at the same time don’t have a true number one starter. If the Jays were able to trade a few of their young prospects (Travis d’Arnaud, Anthony Gose, Jake Marisnick, Noah Syndergaard, or other prospects in the Jays system), they would become a legitimate threat to the Yankees, Rays, and Red Sox and make this a four team race once the playoffs role around.

Baltimore Orioles:Baltimore once again finished in last place in the AL East and still have a lot of holes to fill on their roster. At the end of the 2011 season, the Orioles did a great job playing the spoiler roleby defeating the Red Sox 5 out of last 7 times as the Red Sox were falling apart. The core of the O’s includes hitters Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, J.J. Hardy, Brian Roberts and Matt Wieters along with pitchers Jake Arrieta, Zach Britton, Brian Matusz, and Tommy Hunter. In addition to having a few young players currently on their roster, the O’s have a couple of solid prospects in their farm system which includes shortstop Manny Machado and pitcher Dylan Bundy along with a few other prospects. The Orioles core is average, but I feel the new regime in Baltimore (led by new GM Dan Duquette) will make a few changes to their roster and at the same time use the models that have been used by Toronto and Tampa Bay to to rebuild their farm system. Baltimore’s 2012 season will once again be tough one as they continue to remake their roster while playing in the toughest division in baseball. At the same time, I feel Baltimore should have a few attractive trade pieces at the trade deadline that might intrigue other teams (Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts (if he proves he’s healthy), Mark Reynolds, Kevin Gregg, Jason Hammel, and Matt Lindstrom) if they decide to be sellers at the trade deadline.

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