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Sports Is Good, Y’All!

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Air Soriano

Air Soriano

Despite the alarming lack of enthusiasm coming from the world of baseball, there sure is a lot of news coming out of the North Side. First, and most pressing, is that the City Council will decide on the final approval for the renovations scheduled for Wrigley Field. If this passes, and it looks like it will, a planned five year reconstruction of Wrigley will begin this fall. Only the two outfield signs, the jumbotron scoreboard in left field and the see-through sign in right field, are approved so as not to obstruct the view from the rooftops as there is another decade left on the rooftop contract. Rahm Emanuel’s proposed pedestrian footbridge over Clark Street has been “deferred indefinitely” and any other renovations will be discussed within the Wrigleyville community between residents, the Cubs owners, and the rooftop businesses, Emanuel hopes. This is indeed a sad day for those pushing to keep the historic landmark preserved.

On the heels of Matt Garza’s trade comes word that Alfonso Soriano will also be traded. Soriano is currently in discussion with Theo Epstein about his trade destinations and waiving his no-trade rights. Soriano has name-dropped the New York Yankees as his desired destination, but Epstein says there is nothing solid coming from New York as of yet. Soriano said, “[The Yankees] always make the playoffs no matter what team they have, no matter what pitching they got. They find a way.” Clearly Soriano wants to be on a team that will showcase him and Epstein is itching to restructure the entire team, disregarding fan favoritism of players and the class of players that were brought on in the 2006-2007 spending spree.

Junior Lake is killing it, y'all

Junior Lake is killing it, y’all

Junior Lake represents the new class of Cubs being molded to focus on becoming a team worthy of playing in an expensive renovated ballpark that is irritating half of the city of Chicago. He went 3-for-5 with a homerun against the Diamondbacks. Tuesday night’s game against the Diamondbacks found the Cubs reacting with flared tempers and childish outbursts that resulted in a 4-10 loss. Sveum was ejected in the third inning after being vocal about believing that the umpire was baiting a conflict with Cody Ransom after he flung his bat after being struckout. This was Sveum’s fourth ejection this season. Ransom also threw his helmet after lining out with bases loaded. Anthony Rizzo tossed his bat after a painful strikeout as well. As the Cubs rebuild the stadium, it is clear that they are incredibly busy rebuilding the team and the team dynamic.


Goodbye, Malcolm

The Bulls are hoping that waiving Malcolm Thomas will give their roster the flexibility necessary to acquire Marcus Camby. Though the Rockets are the likely frontrunner in the Camby acquisition, the Bulls are hoping that this 6’11” center will add another rebounding presence on the court with skills comparable to Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.


We are the champions, my friend!

We are the champions, my friend!

This weekend is the great Chicago Blackhawks convention where Blackhawks fans can meet and mingle with Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, and Bryan Bickell. Niklas Hjmarsson is getting married this weekend and Brent Seabrook is at home in Canada awaiting the arrival of his child, so though they will be missed, we wish them both heart-felt congratulations!




Bears training camp begins tomorrow and we are so excited for football season we will be announcing a Bears contest next week on our Facebook page. Head over to, like our page, and keep your eyes peeled for our big contest to kick off football season!

Get styling

Get styling

In the meantime, check out our Blackhawks championship shirts ( and get yourself prepared for the Blackhawks convention. Sports is good, Chicago, so let’s party with the Blackhawks!


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Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah Christmas Day Jersey

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NBA Trade Ideas

The NBA Season is down to the final stretch and with the NBA thankfully back to a normal offseason, I felt it was a good time to look at a few trade ideas before the start of the 2012 offseason.

1. Anderson Varejao and Rodrigue Beaubois to Sacramento, Cleveland acquires Sacramento’s 1st Round pick (5th overall) and Dallas 1st round pick (17th overall), Dallas acquires one of Cleveland’s 2nd Round pick (number 33).

I would really like to see the Cavaliers be persistent this offseason and try to acquire more picks in this years and future drafts. Outside of 2011 rookie’s Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, Cleveland’s third most valuable player would be Power Forward/Center Anderson Varejao. Varejao (who will turn 30 just before the start of the 2012-2013 season), would give the Kings a veteran big man who would help the younger players on Sacramento’s roster. Midway through last season, it seemed that the Kings wanted to play a smaller lineup and with trade would be able to with Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Isaiah Thomas, along with Rodrigue Beaubois, Jimmer Fredette, and John Salmons off the bench. With the Kings going to a smaller lineup, they would be able to play a faster, more athletic style that would run a lot more. If they had Cousins and Varejao in the front court, then the Kings would feature one of the most athletic lineups in the NBA.

As for how this would help Cleveland; if they were to make this trade, then the Cavs would have both the 4th and 5th overall picks in this years draft and would be able to feature a line that would include: Irving, Thompson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (or Harrison Barnes) and Bradley Beal. With this lineup, the Cavs would feature one of the best 1-4 young lineups in the NBA. In addition to that, the Cavs would have two other 1st Round Picks (17 and 24) to address both their depth and draft a few international prospects that will come over in a few years. Marion would also be a great influence on the Cavs core and make them one of the fastest/most entertaining teams in the NBA. Once Shawn Marion’s contract expires (at end of the 2014 season), the Cavs would have a a great deal of cap space to go after any free agent player and pair him with one of the best young cores in the NBA.

Lastly, the Mavs would have the cap space to go after any two free agents that they’d want to as they could amnesty Brendan Haywood’s contract and only be left with Dirk’s contract on their cap. This would allow the Mavericks to create their own “Big 3” or “2 man duo” with money for depth on their roster.

In the end, Sacramento would get a tough-minded center that’s will help with the young Kings players; Cleveland would have 4 1st round picks (and the 4th pick in the 2nd round) or 5 of the first 34 picks to help build their future; and Dallas would have the cap space that they’ve been looking for since they won the 2011 NBA Championship

2. Philadelphia trades Andre Iguodala to the Golden State for Richard Jefferson, Dorell Wright, and Golden States 1st Round Pick (7th overall).

In my mind, this trade would greatly help both teams for both now and the future. First, the Warriors would feature a very solid 5 man rotation (Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Lee, and Bogut) and would finally have the athletic defensive stopper that Head Coach Mark Jackson has been looking for. This would be one of the best veteran starting 5’s in the NBA (if they can stay healthy) and be one of the best teams in the NBA.

As for the 76ers, they would be able to continue to build with their young core and still have a team that competes for a playoff spot. In addition to still putting out a competitive team, the 76ers would have Elton Brand’s contract coming off the books (next year) to go along with still having their amnesty available. If the Sixers were to amnesty Jefferson after the 2013 season, then they’d have a ton of cap space so they could resign their core and still be able to sign a few free agents to play alongside their core. In addition to now being able to start Evan Turner at the 2-guard position, the Sixers would now feature a better 3-point shooter at the Small Forward Position in Richard Jefferson (or Dorell Wright) and have even more depth on their roster. Most importantly, Philadelphia would now be able to add a very quality player to their core with the 7th overall pick at a reasonable price.

3. Pau Gasol and Al Jefferson to the Houston Rockets, Louis Scola and Kyle Lowry to the Los Angeles Lakers, Patrick Patterson and one of Houston’s two First Round Picks.

During the entire 2011 offseason (which lasted all of 1 month), the Rockets looked for any way possible to acquire 2 big men to lead their front court as there a team that features a lot of depth at both the point guard and small forward positions. With that said, they and  need to upgrade their front court and this trade would allow them to do this (giving them two 7 footers).  In this trade, the Rockets would now have one of the biggest front courts in the entire league, and will fit in with Kevin McHale’s system.

The Lakers on the other hand would feature a vastly different starting lineup for the 2012-2013 season. Los Angeles would now have the point guard they’ve been looking for  (Kyle Lowry) since they thought they had Chris Paul on their roster, only to find out that he wasn’t on their roster. In addition to Lowry, the Lakers would also be able to acquire one of the most underrated players in the entire league in Luis Scola which would allow for Bryant and Bynum to be the number 1 and 2 options.

Lastly, Utah would trade one of their 4 big men (still have Favors, Kanter, and Millsap) and acquire an additional 3/4 man to their team along with a mid-first round draft pick from Houston so they could address either their point guard or small forward depth. If Utah made this trade and amnestied Devin Harris contract, the Jazz would have enough money to draft either  a point guard or small forward and sign the other position in free agency.

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