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Clark Street Sports at the 5th Annual Blackhawks Convention: (July 20-22, 2012)

Over the past 5 years, the Chicago Blackhawks convention (located at 720 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago) has brought hockey fans from around the country to Chicago so they can show their support for the Hawks. This fun and exciting event debuted in 2008 and since then has amplified since it began 5 years ago as its been sold out each of the past few years. With over ten thousand fans expected to attend, demands for Blackhawks Merchandise is at an all time high. So why should customers shop at Clark Street Sports for their Blackhawks merchandise?

Blackhawks red snapback hat

Blackhawks Jacket

Since Clark Street Sports first opened, they’ve been a company on the rise offering a great variety of Chicago merchandise. From jerseys and hats to swim wear and glasses, Clark Street has sold merchandise that would make any fan of Chicago realize the definition of a loyal sports fan. However, one would ask: “Why should Clark Street Sports be at the Blackhawks convention?” The answers clear: Clark Street Sports isn’t just a store that sells merchandise of different Chicago sports teams, they additionally have the knowledge of what’s going on around the Chicago sports scene.

Most, if not all of the companies employees at Clark Street Sports were born in the Chicagoland Area and support their hometown Blackhawks year-round. Throughout the NHL season, the majority of Clark Street Sports staff will be up to date with everything that relates to both the Blackhawks and NHL. Lastly, both this convention and Clark Street Sports want to improve each and everyday so they can create the best and most enjoyable environment for the most dedicated  fans in the NHL. At Clark Street Sports, we sell merchandise with the charisma of Chicago: the knowledge of their teams and the spirit of the Blackhawks!







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