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Does Preseason Even Matter, Bro?

Jay-Cutler-BearsDoes preseason even matter? Of course it does. It has to matter. We have all been following the Bears, or our favorite team that isn’t the Bears for some reason, through training camp. We have been hearing about Jay Cutler’s improvements on the field, Lance Briggs is getting his head in the game and picking up for the now absent Brian Urlacher, and reports of Kyle Long’s rising star has become more than a murmur in sports news. The first preseason game against the Panthers is tomorrow, and we know the starts will remain on the bench for the most part. So, why do we care about preseason football? The games don’t count toward the season’s standings, we generally don’t see the stars play until perhaps the fourth game, and the games really don’t tell much about the season that’s waiting in the wings for the most part.

Everyday I'm Shufflin

Everyday I’m Shufflin

For example, the 1985 Chicago Bears lost all but one of their preseason games. Their regular season was a steam train of wins with the exception of their one loss to Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins. They then went on to win Super Bowl XX, the only Super Bowl that has ever mattered in the history of Super Bowls. The 2012 Chicago Bears won all but one of their preseason games and finished third in their division behind the Vikings and the Packers, leaving the Detroit Lions in fourth place. Speaking of the Detroit Lions, in 2008 the Lions had a flawless preseason record and went on to be the only team in NFL history to lose every single regular season game.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Smells Like Team Spirit

The NFL itself has hinted at changing the preseason format for years. The 2013 preseason may cause them to reconstruct the preseason and regular season games. Turning two preseason games into two regular season games will draw more fans, get more television coverage, create a longer season, and ultimately draw more revenue from two regular season game ticket sales (as opposed to cheaper preseason games) and from advertisements during nationally televised games. Whereas increasing the number of regular season games, even by two, would create a much more interesting season of football (because who doesn’t want more regular season football?), it is going to take the support of the players and the players’ union to make it happen, so for now it is still a mere rumor.

Bear Down!

Bear Down!

For now, however, preseason is on and it’s on tomorrow! The Bears face the Panthers at seven o’clock, and we want to make sure you are doing your fan duties and getting your Bears swag ready for regular season. We want to help you with that duty. On our Facebook, we are having a Bears Tailgate Giveaway and want to give a lucky Bears fan a new Bears shirt, Bears knit cap, Bears coozy, and Bears shot glass. Head over to our Facebook page, like our page, and answer today’s trivia question to have your name put in the hat for our drawing. Contest ends August 23rd and there will be plenty of opportunities between now and then to enter our contest. Bear down, Bears fans, and GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!


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NBA: Chicago Bulls 85 Detroit Pistons 82

The Chicago Bulls found a way to edge the Central Division Rival Detroit Pistons last night 85-82 at the United Center. Chicago was led by  Jimmy Butler’s 18 points & 9 rebounds in addition to receiving key contributions from Carlos Boozer (16 points & 6 rebounds), Taj Gibson (14 points & 4 rebounds), and Joakim Noah (10 points & 18 rebounds) who made the play of the game. The Bulls only have two home game (Friday the upstart Golden State Warriors, and Monday the Charlotte Bobcats) before starting a 6 game road trip. Chicago Sports Fans, remember to pickup all your favorite Bulls merchandise at our UC Location or online.

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NBA: Taj Gibson’s Monster Dunk

Taj Gibson’s Monster Dunk from Last Night:

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