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Blackhawks Convention!

Ladies and gentlemen, get your fanboy engines roaring! Today is the day! Today is the day that kicks off the three day love fest for those Stanley Cup-hoisting Chicago Blackhawks! Yes, once a year we can all get together and freak out because we might actually run into a Chicago Blackhawk! We might actually get to hug one of them! We might actually get to see the greatest trophy in all of sports!

Good lord, just look at it and know that you are truly beautiful!

Good lord, just look at it and know that you are truly beautiful!

As if the hope of seeing the Stanley Cup were not enough, actual Blackhawks will be there answering questions and signing autographs! Who will be there? Jonathan Toews will be there and so will Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Corey Crawford, Duncan Keith, Brandon Saad, and Andrew Shaw!

You can admit your heart is singing "Wind Beneath My Wings." We won't tell!

You can admit your heart is singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” We won’t tell!

Who else is going to be there?

I mustache you a question

I mustache you a question

Coach Quenneville will be there! If you see him walking around, be sure to congratulate him on his finalized contract extension! If there’s one thing Chicago will always need more of, it is Joel Quenneville!

Who else is going to be there? WE ARE! Yes, we will be there making sure you have a Hawks shirt if you forgot yours at home in all of the excitement! We’ve got hats and knick knacks! We are ready to party for the Blackhawks with you! So come stop by the Clark Street Sports booth and say hello! We’ll have plenty of shirts and high-fives!

It’s almost here! Today’s the day! Who’s excited?!?


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Blackhawks and Cubbies and Bears, OH MY!

Even through the dog days of summer, the sports keep going and, as Sonny and Cher once said, the beat goes on. Even though we are in the off seasons of most sports, there is still a lot of news coming down the pipes about our favorite sports teams.


Going for the Gold!

Going for the Gold!

The post-2013 season has the Blackhawks focusing on adjusting to a new roster and being recruited to represent their home countries at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Team Canada has recruited Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, and Corey Crawford. Team USA has brought Nick Leddy, Brandon Saad, and sharp-shooter Patrick Kane to their team. In 2010 it came down to Kane vs. Toews for the gold and America went home with the silver medal. With this many Blackhawks skating to Russia in 2014, Chicago hockey fans will find a lot to scream at their television about as it will be difficult to root against either team with so many revered players pitted against each other for Olympic Gold. Congratulations to all of the Blackhawks chosen for the 2014 Winter Olympic games!




Comeback Kid

Boozer is not amused

The Bulls, and all of Chicago, are preparing for the much-awaited comeback of superstar Derrick Rose. His manager and brother, Reggie Rose, has been talking with the press about Rose’s recovery and says that Rose is ready to go. Reggie Rose says that he has “no concerns about [Derrick Rose] physically” and that taking a year off may have hurt the Bulls, but it was necessary for the longevity of his career. He believes “Derrick should probably be able to play fifteen to eighteen years,” so taking a year off was a means of making sure he was physically prepared to play basketball for the next two decades.

"Dude, this comeback had better not be a joke."

“Dude, this comeback had better not be a joke.”

The return of Rose is great news for Bulls fans, but sending Nate Robinson to the Denver Nuggets is definitely terrible news for Bulls fans as the heart of the 2013 playoffs is now someone we face instead of someone helping us block Lebron’s shots.

We're gonna miss you, buddy.

We’re gonna miss you, buddy.

So, with the return of Derrick Rose, the departure of Nate Robinson, and the shaky status of Luol Deng’s contract extension, what does the 2014 Chicago Bulls roster look like? The point guards look sharp with Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, and Marquis Teague hitting the court. Rose’s return, if successful, will be a major boost for the Bulls, obviously. The skill and talent of Rose will be a great punch on the court; what will really stand out is that the heart and spirit of the team–both for the team and for the fans–is returning to the United Center. After a year and a half of anticipation, wondering down to the last game against the Miami Heat in the 2013 playoffs if Rose would make a miraculous return, the bright comet of the Chicago Bulls will blaze down the court again and set the competition ablaze. Our shooting guards and shooting forwards are looking sharp. Jimmy Butler is in need of some polish, but there is plenty of time to make sure that he is in the best condition to hit the court. Mike Dunleavy will serve as a secret weapon for the Bulls as the opposition will be on guard against the dynamite talent of Derrick Rose which will keep their eye distracted from the three-point power of Dunleavy. Power forwards Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson, Malcom Thomas, and Erik Murphy are focused but in need of strengthening. Carlos Boozer is the 2014 Bulls’ Scottie Pippen, reliable with strong offense, but his defense needs a lot of work. Taj Gibson, on the other hand, brings a great defensive game. If the two could learn from each other, we would have two stunning power forwards on the court. Boozer’s on court relationship with Noah creates spectacular offense as well; they are a threat just like Pippen and Jordan when they hit the court together. Centers Joakim Noah and Nazr Mohammad round out the roster. Joakim Noah is the Bulls offense and does well adapting to the style of his teammates while remaining determined and focused. Mohammad does his job well with decent defense and use of fouls, but he is not good in long play. If Noah’s annual injuries flare up again, Mohammad will have big shoes to fill on the court as he is simply not on Noah’s level yet. The Bulls roster looks good, and they’ve proven that they can play without Rose. This year should provide us with amazing basketball as the return of Rose will only boost the ability of the already spectacular Chicago Bulls.

Basketball Biology 101: This is a heart.

Basketball Biology 101: This is a heart.


Later, 'gator

Later, gator

After many rumors and a lot of talks, the Cubs have traded Matt Garza to the Texas Rangers. In return the Cubs are getting third baseman Mike Ott and two right-handed pitchers, C.J. Edwards and Justin Grimm. The trade agreement also allows for the Cubs to acquire up to two more pitchers, possibly Neil Ramirez. This is proof that the Cubs are serious about rebuilding. It stands to reason that the Cubs are looking to build a good team that is could possibly begin winning because with all of the talk about revamping Wrigley Field, they should have a team good enough to draw fans into the expensive stadium. This also shows the Cubs are shifting away from keeping fan favorites and abandoning player loyalty and looking to rebuild a functioning baseball team that stands a chance to make the playoffs in the coming years.


BREAKING: If you keep eating that towel, you will not be hungry for lunch!

BREAKING: If you keep eating that towel, you will not be hungry for lunch!

The Bears begin training camp on Thursday! Preseason football will be hitting our television screens in a matter of weeks. Hopefully the Bears will be taking this time to strengthen their offensive line and forcing Jay Cutler to step up his game in order to get the Bears into the playoffs this season. Chicago is hungry for another major sports victory, and the Bears have the talent and the drive to make it happen.

Bear Down!

Bear Down!

Olympians, returned superstars, new players, and new goals; the world of Chicago sports is spinning into very interesting areas. As these sports get revved up and ready to go, remember that one very important event happening this year is the retirement of Mike Ditka’s number in January. Get ready for this monumental year of football and festivities with our Mike Ditka Chicago Bear tee shirt ( Grab great sports threads from Clark Street Sports so you can be ready for all of the exciting things happening in Chicago sports!


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In case you live under a rock, on the moon, or generally don’t have an understanding of the outside world and the events within it, something very extraordinary happened. Yes, something we’ve all been waiting for. Something so intense and magical that the world will be forever changed.

George Lucas got MARRIED!



This is the biggest news of the week.

OHHHH, that and the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in the final two minutes of Game Six of the Stanley Cup playoffs and are now THE REIGNING STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS AND WIN FOREVER ON INFINITE EARTHS! SPORTS IS GOOD! SPORTS IS GOOD! SPORTS IS GOOD!



Coming out of pummeling the Bruins on Saturday, the Blackhawks traveled to Boston for Game Six. At first the game was steady and intense, but the intensity heightened when Andrew Shaw took a puck to the face in the first period.

Blackhawk down!

Blackhawk down!

The classy, upstanding citizens known as Bruins fans booed the disoriented and injured Shaw as he was helped off the ice. We feared that Shaw would be out for the game, but he returned. He returned and landed in the penalty box immediately because Boston roiled him up, now they had to deal with the Shaw we saw shout “I’ll f—ing kill you!” at the Wild, the Shaw who checked one of the Red Wings in the kidneys with his stick, and the Shaw we had not seen since the beginning of the playoffs.

Best behavior does not equate giving a shit

Best behavior does not equal giving a shit

Stitched up and skates laced, Shaw joined the rest of the Blackhawks in the second period where Captain Toews tied up the score. The third period had Chicago white-knucked and sweating. Boston took the lead and it seemed that Game Seven was inevitable with two minutes left in the game. Then, within 17.7 SECONDS OF EACH OTHER, Bryan Bickell tied up the score and, with a minute left, Dave “The Rat” Bolland scored the shot that won the Chicago Blackhawks Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Keep in mind, in 17.7 seconds the Blackhawks scored as many points against the Bruins as the Penguins did in their entire playoff series.

Every Blackhawk fan feels like this today (even through the hangover)

Every Blackhawk fan feels like this today (even through the hangover)

We won the Stanley Cup. We won the Stanley Cup with Patrick Sharp returning from a season of injuries to score more goals in the playoffs than he did during the regular season. We won the Stanley Cup with Patrick Kane shooting his way to being the highest-scoring player in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We won with Corey Crawford overcoming the criticism and doubt of fans and being the most important asset to the Blackhawks in the playoffs. We won with Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell learning to reel in their rabid nature and focus that energy on being top-notch, reliable hockey players. We won Toews knowing his power with assists and allowing other players to shine. We won with Seabrook scoring crucial final goals in overtime. We won with Saad scoring his first ever playoff goal in the crucial first game against the Bruins. We won with the entire team taking down feared goalies like Jonathan Quick and Tuukka Rask. We won the Stanley Cup with Hossa, Frolik, Oduya, Stalberg, and Keith. We won the Stanley Cup with Dave Bolland recovering from a shaky playoff season to come back and score the game-winning goal that earned the Chicago Blackhawks the Stanley Cup.


We won because the Blackhawks are a team.

We won because the Blackhawks are a damn good team.

We won because no player is more important than any other player.

Because it’s the Cup.

In an era of sports where each team has a shimmering superstar glowing from the dull crown of the roster, the Chicago Blackhawks have no Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Derek Jeter, or Tom Brady. The metaphorical crown of the Blackhawks is blinding with equally-valuable jewels. They don’t rely on one member of the team exclusively; they rely on each other and play off of each other’s talents. For every Captain Toews jersey on Clark Street after Game Six ended, there were just as many Sharp, Bolland, Bollig, and Stalberg jerseys. Each player is important, and in the City of Big Shoulders, these shoulders stand strong because of the surrounding shoulders they have to rely on.

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win!

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup because they are a solid powerhouse of talent. Congratulations, Chicago Blackhawks, thank you for a fantastic ride.

Peep the new whiz!

Peep the new shiz!

Now that it’s all over and the Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup, all that’s left to do is party. Luckily, Clark Street Sports has a variety of Stanley Cup Championship shirts and hats to choose from for all of your Stanley Cup partying needs. We also have shirts so you can represent your favorite players like Andrew Shaw, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Corey Crawford, Duncan Keith, and many more. Visit one of our many locations in the Chicago area or visit our website,, and nab a piece of hockey history before they’re all gone.

Until October, Blackhawks!

Sports Is Good!

Sports Is Good!


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One Down, Three to Go

Well, if any of us have our fingernails left, it’s a damn miracle. If Game One is any barometer of where this series is headed, we are all doomed and will not have jobs at the end of the month due to exhaustion, alcohol consumption, hockey-related panic attacks, minor aneurysms, and temporary blindness.

Because it's the Cup

Because it’s the Cup


The ups and downs of game one were enough to give the entire city of Chicago a behavioral disorder with the numerous emotional gear shifts in the one hundred and twelve minutes of hockey mania. Though Lucic scored twice in the first twenty-two minutes of the game, the rally that brought the focus and the faith back to fans was the first playoff goal for Brandon Saad. His career goal achieved, Saad restored the hope of the team and lifted the spirits of the Madhouse on Madison.

When Saad scores his first playoff goal, a flock of angels get their wings and fly into space to fight cool stuff with awesome lasers.

When Saad scores his first playoff goal, a flock of angels get their wings and fly into space to fight cool stuff with awesome lasers.


With the score at 3-1 in the third, it seemed that maybe the first game was going to the Bruins. With hearts of Blackhawks fans sinking around the Midwest, Dave Bolland and Johnny Oduya tied up the score which allowed for all of the overtime in the world to clutch Bruins and Blackhawks fans by the throats and keep us on the edge of our seats for another hour.

This game is over when The Rat says it's over!

This game is over when The Rat says it’s over!


After tying it up, the game went into triple overtime, making it the fifth longest playoff game in NHL history. Naturally, this is a great indication of where the series is going. By game five, we’ll probably enter a four day hockey binge where the teams either have to score or die in order to win. After two overtime periods that gave every Blackhawks and Bruins fan an irregular heartbeat, Rozsival, Bolland, and Shaw came together to form a goal-scoring trifecta that won the Blackhawks the game!

"Come on, Shawzer, we're gonna take you out for ice cream for that goal!"

“Come on, Shawzer, we’re gonna take you out for ice cream for that goal!”


Then, as if the night could not get any better, the “Shawed Off Shotgun” dropped the f-bomb during the post-game interview. The media went crazy about this slip of the tongue because apparently everyone ever forgot that Shaw was the guy threatening to “f—ing kill” players from the Minnesota Wild in the first series.

Because, clearly, this guy cares about what can and cannot be said on television.

Because, clearly, this guy cares about what can and cannot be said on television.


So, what can be taken away from this first game of the final series? Clearly, we are in for an intense final round. The Blackhawks and Bruins are an evenly-matched talent that not only bring a legendary “Original Six” presence to the Stanley Cup finals, but they also bring a substantial amount of talent and determination to the ice. If the Blackhawks are going to continue winning, their focus must be laser sharp. Chara, Rask, Lucic, and the rest of the black and gold Boston boys will not go quietly.

Saad JerseyShaw Black


We’re one game closer to getting the Stanley Cup. Hurry and get yourself your favorite player’s tee and fly your proud feathers for the mighty Blackhawks. Visit one of our stores, trailers, or our website ( and get your sweet Blackhawks gear today!


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It’s Like Hockey Christmas!

The hockey lockout made it seem as if hockey were a hopeless dream. Even those of us that truly believed that hockey would return and save us all from the winter doldrums were eventually grasping at straws and holding onto nothing but faith and hope. Like the children of Springfield hoping to be liberated from Kamp Krusty, we held onto any flicker of light in the distance that held any promise of a hockey season.

"See? I told you hockey would come! Ha-ha! It's gonna bring us food, and water, and smite our enemies!"

“See? I told you hockey would come! Ha-ha! It’s gonna bring us food, and water, and smite our enemies!”

Then hockey returned! We didn’t even have to riot or break storefront windows or burn things in effigy! It returned, and we rejoiced! The season was short, but we didn’t care! We really didn’t care when the Blackhawks started mopping the floor with the competition. The Blackhawks weren’t merely a hometown favorite doing well, they were an international phenomenon making hockey history. Then, as if the return of hockey weren’t enough, we were in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Now we’re in the Stanley Cup finals. It’s as if some Sports Santa Claus brought us all of the presents we could have ever wanted and stuffing them under our lockout hockey Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Like some sort of hockey-themed Christmastime…

…simply magical, right?


"My, this looks like a lovely place to live," said the Stanley Cup.

“My, this looks like a lovely place to live,” said the Stanley Cup.

So, what have we got? We’ve got one helluva match up for this final series. This is the first time the NHL has seen an Original Six Stanley Cup Finals in thirty years. This promises to be a powerhouse game of two legendary teams fighting for the most coveted trophy in sports. This promises to be a great series of games because these are two teams who are really gunning for it; the Blackhawks have a great challenge in front of them. The first of which is Bruins goalie, Tuukka Rask, who was a major reason the Penguins were embarrassed in the previous series. Zdeno Chara is 6′ 9″ of terror on ice, towering over the entire Blackhawks roster and leaving nothing but damage in his wake. The Bruins may not have had the stunning season that the Blackhawks have had, but they’ve got the same drive, passion, and skill the Blackhawks possess and that is not to be taken lightly. However, the Blackhawks are going to be a powerhouse, especially starting the series at the United Center. Kane’s hat trick in the previous series, Hossa’s drive, Bickell’s unyielding determination and undeniable results, and Saad’s thirst for a playoff goal are among the party mix of reasons why the Blackhawks will not allow the Stanley Cup to slip away from Chicago. This is going to be an interesting and wild series, hockey fans, and we’re all dying to see the Stanley Cup return to Chicago.

Bring it on, Boston!

Bring it on, Boston!

Remember, when it comes to hockey fashion, Clark Street Sports is your best stop for Blackhawks merchandise. Whether you visit one of our stores or visit us at, we will get you what you need so you can properly celebrate the Blackhawks’ victory.


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Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks

Following a  successful regular season (ending with the President Trophy), the Chicago Blackhawks will now look to make a long run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, hopefully ending with the Hawks hoisting the Stanley Cup for the 5th time in the history of their franchise. Chicago has received contributions from everyone on their roster, but were led by Hart Trophy Nominees Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane along with Marian Hossa, Patrick Sharp, Calder Trophy Nominee Brandon SaadViktor Stalberg, Dave Bolland, Andrew Shaw, Bryan Bickell, Daniel Carcillo, Duncan Keith, Brent SeabrookNiklas HjalmarssonJohnny Oduya, and William Jennings Winners Corey Crawford and Ray Emery

Blackhawks fans, Clark Street Sports has all your favorite Blackhawks hats, shirts (men and women),  Jerseys, and 2013 Stanley Cup Playoff Gear as the Hawks look to once again hoist the cup in late June.


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NHL: Chicago Blackhawks 5 Minnesota Wild 3

Blackhawks have now gone 29 straight games with recording at least a point

Another Blackhawks game, and just like the other 23 times year, another Blackhawks point. Chicago wanted to send a message to one of the 3 teams (Minnesota, Anaheim, and Vancouver) that hat prevented the Hawks from receiving the full 2 points. Led by four 1st Period Goals (Brandon Saad, Marian Hossa, and 2 from Bryan Bickell) the Blackhawks took an early 4-1 lead and never looked back, winning 5-3 thanks to a late 3rd period goal from Patrick Kane.

Chicago Blackhawks 20-0-3

If those two current streaks weren’t enough, the Blackhawks have now won a franchise record 10 straight games on top of their other two current point streaks. Blackhawks fans, remember to pickup all your favorite Hawks Merchandise at either our UC Location, one of our many locations throughout the Chicagoland Area, or online throughout the NHL Season.

Please share your responses and follow us on Twitter (, Facebook (, Pinterest (, Google Plus (Clark Street Sports), and now Flickr ( Remember to also check out our merchandise at


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